Sunday, November 4, 2012

hurricane sandy clean-up

On Saturday afternoon Wooden Button students and their families met at the Wooden Button Meadow for clean-up in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The meadow was strewn with branches, leaves and other debris.

The turnout was impressive—around 24 sets of hands altogether, including children, friends and neighbors. Seven large bags of leaves were raked from the grass, dead branches were pulled from the trees, broken into smaller pieces, and tied into bundles. The children took turns wielding rakes and picked up twigs and branches. They also spent plenty of time jumping into the large pile of leaves. When we left the grounds nearly two hours later the yard was neat and clean, ready for the children to return to their meadow on Monday.

Our neighborhood is extremely fortunate to have faired so well during the hurricane—our teachers, who live across the Hudson, have been without power and heat for days. This little clean-up was a way to contribute to not only The Wooden Button and Mother Cabrini High School, but also to the general clean-up after Hurricane Sandy. A big thank-you to all the families and neighbors who came and lent a hand!

More photos here!