our director and lead teacher

I G G Y   K E U C H E N I U S
began her life-long investigations into Waldorf pedagogy in the Netherlands, where she first studied the ideas of Rudolf Steiner in college. She subsequently worked in a Steiner home for children who were unable to live at home. After Iggy moved to New York City in 1986, she created a playgroup inspired by Waldorf teaching methods in her home, and went on to send all of her three sons to the Rudolf Steiner School. While her children were young she continued to work in diverse early childhood educational settings, both in New York City and in Miami—including work as a substitute Early Childhood Teacher's Assistant at the Rudolf Steiner School.

In 2007 she enrolled at Sunbridge College, studying for a master's degree in Waldorf-Remedial Education (called the 'Extra Lesson'). While studying at Sunbridge she began working at the Brooklyn Waldorf School, first as a Early Childhood Assistant, later as the Educational Support Teacher, and also helped develop their Educational Support Program. Additionally, in 2012 she was licensed in INPP, a reflex integration program which supports the healthy development of children.

Iggy is happy for the opportunity to continue with the Wooden Button as our lead teacher. She is excited to work with very young children and looks forward to playing and moving with them in the coming year.