Thursday, September 13, 2012

the first day of school

It's amazing. Our little school has run two full days now, and our first week of classes is already complete. The teachers, Leigh and Maria, came early and set the classroom up to welcome the children. When the students arrived, basins of water were ready for washing hands and dishes. Millet was soaking. And baskets of twigs, rocks, pinecones—just to mention a few of the wonders the classroom held—called the children into play.

Our two first days were a great success. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

school starts tomorrow!

We cannot believe that tomorrow is the first day of school! 
We are so excited, and hope you are too! 

Please be sure to check over the list of supplies your child will need to leave at school: 

•  labelled bag with an extra set of clothes 
•  small labelled water bottle
•  labelled slippers or house shoes

And although the weather looks like it will be nice for our first day, please also have the following items labelled and ready for use:

•  rain boots
•  a raincoat with a hood or hat
•  rain/waterproof pants

On Thursday, Leigh will be making soup with the students. Please remember to send a whole, washed vegetable with your child to add to the soup.

Also, please remember to send along your permission slips and signed tuition agreement, if you haven't already.